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Save $100/month on a full subscription package
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Be a part of the movement and join in the world’s leading and only patented online business valuation service.

Are you challenged to determine the value of the businesses owned by the clients you serve? Traditionally, the process of getting a business valuation has been intrusive, time & labor-intensive, and expensive. At BizEquity, we’ve changed all of that. Now you can easily generate business valuations in real-time and deliver them to your clients.

Our platform simplifies business valuation knowledge – making the process quick, cost-effective, and accurate for advisors. We empower you to better serve your clients by enabling you to instantly understand the value of their largest asset – their business. 

We have over 33 million pre-valued businesses in our database that subscribers can access and dynamically search. It’s time you discover how easy it is to generate business valuations for your clients who own businesses – and how powerful that can be for you as an advisor.

Top 5 Reasons Why and When You Should Have a Business valuation.

  • Better understand your business and its potential
  • When you plan to sell your business 
  • Know the value of your largest asset in order to properly plan your retirement
  • Ensure your business and your family are properly protected
  • Plan for the future of your business with a qualified succession plan


Exclusive benefits.

  • A discount of $100/month on full subscription package (list price of $299/month)
  • Exclusive white-label access of the QuickVal Process (through SuccessionLink)


5 key benefits of subscribing to BizEquity

  • Value your client’s business in real-time on our cloud-based platform
  • Dynamically search over 33M pre-valued businesses
  • Generate two reports in real-time (business valuation report & insurance value report)
  • View A Sample Business Valuation Report 
  • 12 different KPI's
  • Off-the-shelf white-labeled marketing content