Billing & Payment Solutions for Financial Planning

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Billing & Payment Solutions for Financial Planning

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The streamlined billing and payment solution designed for independent financial professionals.

Chalice Pay is designed for fee-for-service financial planning. Now you can get paid for your financial advice. There's no big upsell or need for complicated integrations-just plug in and start saving time and money. Say goodbye to invoicing headaches and hello to the fast, efficient future of online billing and transactions. Whether streamlining your billing or moving towards a subscription model, Chalice Pay gives you a platform to take your business to the next level.

  • Streamline Invoicing
  • Capture More Revenue through Subscriptions
  • Embrace the Retainer Model Fee-for-Service

Chalice Network Advantage

Included with Membership ($300 Annual Savings)

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Easy account set up, point and click billing, and account reckoning with an intuitive user interface.


Designed for all types of billing -from retainer to one-time invoicing to subscription models. With easy customization - you keep all your clients happy.


Chalice Pay is safe, secure, and certified, as well as compliant with RIA workflows! We provide PCI Service Provider Level 1 — the industry's top level of certification.