The Integrated Journey

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The Integrated Journey

20% discount on all services and programs.
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Build your health, build your wealth!

Are business demands pulling you away from creating healthy habits, implementing proper nutrition and just enjoying life? Many financial advisors experience this same issue! The Integrative Journey program was founded by a financial advisor who has walked in your shoes for over 20 years. 

This program is a two-pronged approach that bridges the health of your business and your health. They help build the client’s business while introducing practical lifestyle tools to attain overall health and wealth. Chalice believes this is the only strategic business coaching approach that has the ability to tackle both the business success and the overall healthy lifestyle and happiness that entrepreneurs crave.


Exclusive benefits available only to Chalice Financial Network members 

  • 20% discount on all services and programs


5 key benefits from the "The Integrated Journey" program:

  • High-quality nutrition plans
  • Optimal living habits that can be implemented right away
  • Tools to help re-set your mind.
  • A holistic health coaching approach. 
  • A Strategic business coaching approach.