Merchant Banking for Wealth Managers

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Merchant Banking for Wealth Managers

Offered by Nesvold Capital Partners
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Accelerate your growth and/or consummate your succession plan with strategic advice and capital from NCP.

Nesvold Capital Partners helps asset and wealth management firms to accelerate growth and/or to structure and finance succession plans. We are both a strategic advisory and private investment firm. As such, we can serve either as an investor in your business or as your financial advisor to structure a deal with a third party.

NCP was built by the former COO and head of strategy of Silver Lane Advisors, the #1-ranked investment bank that guided asset and wealth management firms with $295 billion in aggregate client assets through mergers and acquisitions.

With the perspective of having advised hundreds of asset and wealth management firms, we provide strategic capital, thought leadership, and board services to such businesses managing through exponential growth and/or transformational events, including mergers, acquisitions, recapitalizations, substantial organic growth initiatives, and partner liquidity/succession.

Chalice Network Advantage

Exclusive benefits available only to Chalice Network members:

  • Complimentary 30-minute consultation
  • Access to pre-vetted and “serious” buyers and sellers
  • A one-stop-shop for capital and advice


Financial Services Specialist Investors

​We specialize in backing innovative and high-growth firms in the financial services industry. We offer particular expertise in the asset and wealth management markets.

Long-Life Capital

We avoid the shorter-term investment horizon of three to five years that has become common in the private equity industry. Ideally, we make investments with the anticipation of holding them for ten years or longer.

Supportive, Non-Control Investors

We are minority investors and do not ask our management teams to cede autonomy or control of the businesses they have built. We seek to support your growth initiatives.

Strategic-Minded Capital

While we are minority investors, we seek to leverage our personal experiences having completed the full entrepreneurial cycle — from start-up to the sale to a Fortune 500 company.