Compliance Strategy & Technology Solutions

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Compliance Strategy & Technology Solutions

Offered by NRS
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Master compliance with greater confidence and fewer concerns with NRS.

Hope is not a strategy, especially when it comes to protecting your business. An unprotected business is not a good business, especially in the wealth management industry. Industry regulation is ever-changing and mired in complexity. It is becoming more challenging and expensive to ensure that your business is protected. We realize this, which is why we provide industry-leading compliance solutions. NRS, integrated with Accuity, delivers innovative consulting, technology and education solutions to financial advisors and securities professionals. Whether you are a one-person practice or a larger business, NRS provides services at all levels to protect your firm.

Chalice Network Advantage

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  • Customized tiered packages (see below)
  • Customized additional and optional services (see below)
  • Access to dedicated compliance professionals
  • Robust proprietary software (ComplianceGuardian™)
  • Educational resources
  • Exam prep
  • Onsite audit review
  • Supervisory solutions