Oyster Consulting & Outsourcing Solutions

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Oyster Consulting & Outsourcing Solutions

Offered by Oyster Consulting
Outsourced roles and software to save you time and reduce risk
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We create simplicity in a complex environment.

Oyster Consulting has the experience and expertise to be a valuable resource for you. We serve a range of wealth management and capital markets clients, from independent and dually-registered RIAs to those contemplating the process. We listen to your needs and design solutions to help you through all phases of your business, from starting your firm to succession planning. Our products and services are delivered by experienced industry practitioners to add more value to your organization. Our focus on client experience and developing long-term relationships is driven by our belief that value creation happens best when there is a deep understanding of goals and culture of an organization.

Chalice Network Advantage

  • Experienced, licensed professionals, all under one roof
  • Customized, end-to-end solutions
  • Outsourced compliance roles and software to save you time and reduce risk
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Start Your Firm

  • Registration
  • Transition Services
  • Compliance Program Implementation


Grow Your Business

  • Platform Intelligence
  • Financial Planning Support ​​
  • Acquisition & Recruiting Strategy


Reduce Risk

  • Risk Assessment​
  • Compliance Consulting and Outsourcing
  • Oyster Solutions Software