Chalice Network and cleverDome Announce Strategic Partnership Providing Premier Cybersecurity Solution to Chalice Members

December 10th, 2020 · 4 min read

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Chalice Network, the online member-based digital marketplace for independent, small- and mid-sized businesses that provides exclusive access to business, technology and client-service solutions, and cleverDome TM are proud to announce a new strategic partnership which provides Chalice Network members the premier cybersecurity solution to protect confidential business and consumer information in the cloud by taking it off the open internet and “under the Dome.”

“We are excited to Partner with cleverDome and bring yet again another very innovative and much needed service to our members of the Chalice Network. We share a common goal which is to provide benefits that enable our members to better their business and best serve their clients. Co-Founder Aaron Spradlin and his team have done a brilliant job in creating one of the most all inclusive cyber solutions our industry has ever seen and we are proud to welcome them to the Chalice Network,” said Keith Gregg, CEO and Founder of Chalice Network.

cleverDome was formed as an Arizona Benefit Corporation to create a solid and permanent commitment to deliver a community-based solution to protect confidential information in the cloud. As a Benefit Corporation, cleverDome is obligated to:

Consider the impact of its decisions on society and all stakeholders. Provide a public benefit which is protecting confidential consumer information in the cloud. Measure its impact on society using a third party standard. “Financial advisors are struggling with how to improve their cyber security posture and replace their current complex, expensive, and slow network infrastructures which, in some cases, are 20 years old. This problem is compounded by the demand for cybersecurity solutions that specifically address the risks of virtual and remote working environments. Chalice and cleverDome together address these specific business needs and deliver the ultimate cyber security solution to Chalice Network Members to protect their businesses from user device and internet based attacks,” stated Aaron Spradlin, Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, cleverDome, Inc.

Benefits of the partnership include:

Financial advisors are responsible for protecting confidential client information. This challenge is amplified by the need to send, receive, store and access confidential information in the cloud. Many cybersecurity solutions fail to address the fundamental problem that the open internet is not secure. cleverDome addresses this problem by taking confidential information off the open internet and “under the Dome.” The “Dome” is a revolutionary model built on a community driven platform that delivers a software defined perimeter (SDP), a logical set of disparate, network-connected participants within a secure computing enclave, for the cloud. Confidential data is hidden from public discovery via the cleverDome secure network, and access is restricted by cleverDome to the specified cleverDome Cloud Users, removing confidential client data from public visibility and reducing the surface area for attack. Businesses of all sizes must address the cybersecurity challenges of working in virtual and remote working environments. cleverDome provides a solution that is faster, more secure and more reliable than the internet. Use of secure known devices with 24/7 compliance monitoring protects confidential and keeps it safe while working remotely. Current alternatives for secure connections (VPN, TCPIP) are slow, difficult to deploy and reduce performance. cleverDome provides a secure fast network that is 4-10 times faster than VPN connections. It is easy to deploy with a quick onboarding process. “In today’s world of extensive virtual and remote working environments, the Dome provides the most complete and scalable “software only” technology solution to lock down user device level security and secure data in motion over the open internet. The Dome’s ultra-fast internet layered secure network together with cyber security monitoring and compliance reporting for users and devices provided by Entreda, Inc., a proven world class end point device and compliance monitoring solution for wealth management and other industries, delivers the most complete and easily implemented cyber security solution for any size business. From a rich user interface to robust integration and reporting, financial advisors can manage their cyber security risk and protect confidential information by monitoring user devices and keeping data safe while in transit over the internet,” said Mike Hallett, CEO of cleverDome, Inc.

About Chalice Network™ Chalice Network is an online member-based digital marketplace for independent small- and mid-sized businesses that provides exclusive access to business, technology and client service solutions. Chalice aims to empower its members throughout the life cycle of their businesses by offering all the tools and technology necessary for operations, growth and success. Available products and services, all offered at a discount, include health insurance, cybersecurity protection and insurance, marketing and sales tools, mergers and acquisitions support services, accounting and financial planning assistance, and human resources support, among others. Each partner has been thoroughly vetted so members can be confident they’re getting the best products and services available. The community also provides unique peer-to-peer networking and collaboration opportunities creating a forum for sharing ideas and best practices to help strengthen members collectively. For more information, visit

About cleverDome, Inc. ™ CleverDome, Inc. ™ is an Arizona benefit corporation (B Corporation) that operates as a Co-Op. Members include managed security service providers, software service vendors, custodians, broker/dealers, registered investment advisers, financial advisors and ultimately their investor clients. As a B Corporation, its mission is to protect confidential consumer information through safe, reliable and fast Internet connections. It provides the fastest and most secure network using the open internet available today. To learn more about CleverDome visit

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