Chalice Network™ Announces New Partnership with AdvisorPR®

January 25th, 2022 · 2 min read

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Chalice Network™ announces a new partnership with AdvisorPR®, a unit of JConnelly, that provides marketing communications solutions to financial professionals and the organizations that serve them. Through this partnership, members of the Chalice Network gain access to AdvisorPR’s turnkey PR programs, along with exclusive benefits with a 12-month commitment.

“Public relations delivers the most credible form of promotion, earned media, and AdvisorPR has a long tenure and proven track record of helping financial advisors enhance visibility and build credibility by working with the media,” said Keith Gregg, Chalice Network CEO/Founder. “Through our partnership with AdvisorPR, we are excited to add this service to our offerings and further help our members amplify their marketing.”

Since 2005, AdvisorPR has been helping financial professionals capture the attention and trust of their ideal clients. By participating in one of AdvisorPR’s turnkey PR programs and becoming a media resource to local and/or national media, advisors can generate ‘earned media’ exposure, secure lasting awareness, and expand and enhance their reach and reputations online.

“We look forward to bringing our PR programs to the Chalice Network,” said Alana Kohl, executive vice president of JConnelly. “For nearly 17 years, we have been working with independent financial advisors and have a profound understanding of the unique challenges they face as business owners. It can be challenging for an independent advisory firm to compete in a crowded marketplace, and our PR programs are designed to help advisors cut through the clutter and get seen and heard by their ideal clients.”

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About JConnelly JConnelly is a leading communications firm working with brands to help them expand awareness, connect and engage with clients and stakeholders, influence change, amplify online presence, and build community. JConnelly navigates the complex world of communications to effectively design and execute campaigns that are mission driven, deliver business-critical results and protect brands from potential threats and issues.

About AdvisorPR® AdvisorPR is a branding, marketing, and public relations firm dedicated to providing turnkey marketing communications solutions exclusively to financial professionals. Originally founded in 2005 and acquired by JConnelly in 2021, the AdvisorPR team has in-depth industry experience with an independent perspective. Through a diverse array of PR solutions, including packaged, turnkey PR programs, it helps its clients grow their businesses. For more information, visit

Contact Information: Alana Kohl (866) 888.5333

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