Trendrating Performance Management Platform Now Available to Chalice Network Members

October 22nd, 2020 · 2 min read

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Chalice Network, the online member-based digital marketplace for independent, small and mid-sized businesses that provides exclusive access to business, technology and client-service solutions announced a new partnership with Trendrating, a global provider of analytics and technology for financial advisors and asset managers.

This partnership will enable Chalice Network members to access ratings and analytics on over 18,000 global securities to help asses a portfolio’s exposure by measuring trend strength and quality on stocks and ETFs. This compromises a manager’s holdings to support a proactive measure of risk control and performance enhancement.

"We are pleased to add yet another incredible technology enhanced offering to the Chalice marketplace and provide significant value to our members with the addition of Trendrating," says Keith Gregg, Founder and CEO of Chalice Network.

Trendrating is the leader in “Trend Capture” models, analytics and cloud-based technology, serving over 100 institutions worldwide and premier partners including Bloomberg. Trendrating is a powerful complement to fundamental research that can be used as an overlay to the existing portfolio management workflow. The company recently released a version of the platform that empowers advisors to build, test and implement fully automated, systematic portfolios on any desired investment universe, including by country, region, sector, industry, market capitalization or theme (ESG, Post-COVID).

“We are excited to make our advanced portfolio analytics and technology available to Chalice members who manage active portfolios, or desire to, with the help of more intelligent tools,” said Rocco Pellegrinelli, Founder and CEO of Trendrating. “Most active managers rely too much on fundamental research that holds them hostage to bias and subjectivity, leading to underperformance versus the benchmark. It’s no wonder that more than 88% of all fund managers have underperformed the S&P Composite 1500 Index over the past 15 years, according to the SPIVA Scorecard. Portfolio managers using Trendrating have demonstrated that any investment strategy, especially one driven by fundamental analysis, can be enhanced by a better synchronization with the actual strength and quality of individual price trends.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Validation of investment ideas and third-party research
  • Risk control on individual holdings & alerts of trend reversals to help with age old problem of when to sell off stocks without emotional bias
  • Disciplined and systematic health check of existing portfolios
  • Access to code-less interface to create, test and track new investment portfolios to help advisors attract new clients and save time from having to manually research and select stocks and ETFs

About Chalice Network™ Chalice Network is a community of over 55,000 members comprised of independent Financial Advisors, CPAs, Insurance Agents, and other financial professionals. The members of the organization enjoy access to exceptional benefits and solutions via the digital marketplace—all designed to help them run, grow and protect their business. Members may also access the Chalice Community where they can network, connect, and learn from like-minded entrepreneurs.

About Trendrating Trendrating is a market leading provider of analytics and technology for professional equity investors. The company serves 100+ customers globally in the areas of asset management and wealth management. Trendrating has developed a proprietary, sophisticated model to rate securities, indices and portfolios. The rating captures medium term price trends on securities, assesses a portfolio’s exposure to bull vs. bear trends and supports a more effective and pro-active risk control. The mission of the company is to help customers to more effectively capture trends, profiting from bull markets and avoiding bear phases as this is the key to superior performance on a consistent basis.

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