Digital Signature & Document Management Software

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Digital Signature & Document Management Software

Offered by Dealcloser
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Electronic signatures, document management and more.

It’s time to wave goodbye to the old way of managing documents, don’t you think? Say goodbye to excessive paperwork and administrative tasks - say hello to secure document management, a powerful collaboration experience and simple eSigning.


Managing documents can get chaotic. Between all the documents, versions, and signature pages, there is a lot to keep track of. Spending time keeping track of documents, paper or digital, is not a great use of time and takes away focus from the thing that matters most - providing value to your clients. Furthermore, mistakes can and do happen, mistakes that can have a range of financial and legal consequences.


dealcloser is a simple document management system that lets you organize your documents and contracts that need to be signed for the long term. With powerful tracking tools, it’s simple to make sure all your documents are signed and organized.

Chalice Network Advantage

Extended 30-day free trial


Discount of 50% on a subscription in year 1

Discount of 30% on a subscription in year 2

Discount of 10% on a subscription in year 3

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What we’ll do for you:

  • Get all your documents signed easily and quickly
  • Manage your contracts and documents and store them for the long term
  • Collaborate and edit documents in real time
  • Get your documents signed electronically
  • Close more deals and earn more revenue
  • Significantly reduce overhead costs
  • Bill and collect faster after the deal is closed