Support for M&A Transactions

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Support for M&A Transactions

Offered by Devoe & Company
Integration Time
2 Weeks
Waived retainer fee for serious inquirers*
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M&A Services to Support the Most Important Decision of Your Career

DeVoe & Company is a leading boutique investment bank exclusively focused on providing M&A services to RIAs. We only work with RIAs to ensure you get the best support and deepest knowledge possible. Working side-by-side with you on your critical business decision, we act as ‘therapists with spreadsheets’. We tear apart the quantitative and strategic elements of the most complex transactions while minimizing the emotional roller coaster related to negotiations and parting with a firm one has spent decades nurturing into a vibrant business. We prepare you to optimize your position, be it as a buyer or a seller.


Our approach is grounded in methodical and analytically rigorous techniques, which means we are able to quantify and create consensus around the company’s valuation and economic deal structure.


DeVoe & Company has created a methodical, well-orchestrated approach to take you through the complexities of a transaction:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Negotiation & Transaction

Chalice Network Advantage

  • Complimentary 30-minute initial call
  • Access to the ‘serious’ acquirers of RIAs
  • Seasoned professionals in valuation / deal structure
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Achieve your goal

  • Our goal is to best achieve your goal. We continually assess how we can help you best achieve your business—and personal—goals through the transaction at hand.
  • We approach M&A like a craft, which means you’ll benefit from our craftsmanship. We are relentlessly improving our technical skills, negotiation acumen, ability to leverage technology, and understanding of psychology and human nature.

Benefit from our experience

  • DeVoe & Company M&A services were designed from the ground up, leveraging the team’s vast 300+ years of experience and integrating the very best concepts we’ve experienced.
  • Our founder is the industry’s recognized thought-leader on RIA M&A.
  • While running Schwab’s RIA M&A platform for nearly 10 years, he saw hundreds (and hundreds) of transactions up close. And the team at DeVoe & Company has been building on this for nearly a decade since then.