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Logo & Brand Development

Offered by TE+A
Save over $500 on an eye-catching new logo and business card design.
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Your BRAND matters more than ever. Our Logo Development Service helps independent advisors and business owners stand out in their highly competitive markets with a high impact logo, compelling messaging, and elegant corporate materials.

Chalice Network Advantage

Exclusive benefits available only to Chalice Network members:

  • Save over $500 on a custom logo and business card design for your firm
  • Save 20% on Messaging Upgrade—work with us to create a crystalized and compelling message and tagline
  • Save 20% Collateral Upgrade—custom 4-page brochure, high impact presentation deck and elegant pocket folder


As a Chalice Network member, you will enjoy the following 4 key benefits for your business from TE+A Marketing:


  • Increase your company’s visibility and create that “wow factor”
  • Define your company's brand standards for all future work
  • Crystalize your overall message and value proposition
  • Create a unified “look and feel” across all marketing and operational touchpoints