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Are investment taxes eating away at your clients’ nest eggs?

There is a way for your retired clients to take home higher after-tax income. Taxes create a significant drag on portfolio returns. But it can be hard for clients to grasp their true impact, especially if their assets are scattered across various taxable and tax-advantaged accounts. Leverage LifeYield’s Income Advantage to recommend the most tax-efficient strategies for generating income from accumulated assets - a Tax-Smart Retirement Paycheck®.

With LifeYield show them their Taxficient Score®—and in a single number, you can instantly communicate the true value of a tax-smart portfolio by quantifying the benefit in real dollars and cents.

Chalice Network Advantage

  • 20% Discount Off Retail Pricing
  • Dedicated Onboarding and Coaching
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  • Quantify the value of the advice you provide.
  • Compel your clients to bring held away assets home to you – Increased AUM.
  • Leverage the Taxficient Score® as a unique differentiator to win new business.
  • Demonstrate consistent, ongoing value to your current clients.
  • Streamline your process for coordinating distributions across multiple accounts.
  • Implement your risk-based portfolio in the most tax-efficient way.
  • Efficiently engage your client regarding Social Security filing strategies.