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UPS Shipping Account

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Save up to 50% on your shipping needs.
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The more you ship, the more you save.

We partnered with UPS to extend our corporate negotiated discounts to our members. Whether your small business ships packages to Poughkeepsie or pallets to Peking—or anything in between—UPS can help your business run more efficiently. UPS small business shipping solutions feature more than reliable and flexible shipping options. Explore solutions that can help you track and manage shipping expenses, improve cash flow and reduce other small business growing pains.


When you open an account through us, or update your existing account, you’ll receive these great savings every time you ship:

  • Save 20-30% on UPS Ground
  • Save 40-50% on UPS Air
  • Save 40-50% on UPS International

*See below for additional information on discounts and shipping frequency


Exclusive benefits available to members:

  • Free UPS smart pickup service
  • Significantly reduce outbound mailing costs
  • Available for existing and new accounts
  • View all of your shipments at a glance with UPS My Choice®