Anchor Point: Commentaries that Make a Difference

March 13th, 2020 · 1 min read

You don’t have time to write — let alone film — weekly market commentaries that speak effectively to a non-specialist audience. And you know that pre-written content for your website screams “cookie cutter” to your discerning readers.

Anyway, investors are too busy to wade through voluminous canned commentaries that don’t even address their specific investment situations.

Enter Anchor Point Commentary, a service of MundaneAway. Anchor Point’s weekly video commentaries are short, captivating, comprehensive — and branded to your business.  Every week, MundaneAway reviews five major markets along with relevant insights on economic, geopolitical and sector events of the past week, contextualized for your clients, and crafted to ensure an experience that is both enriching and entertaining.

You can post your licensed Anchor Point Commentary on your website and social-media pages, and you can send it straight into the inboxes of your clients and prospects.

Chalice Network members get a special price of $75  a month (that’s 25% off!) for a package that includes: - High-definition weekly commentary - Printer-friendly overview - Compliance consultation - Custom disclaimer    - Personalized logo - Automatic upload - Hands-free webpage integration - Multi-advisor personalization

In the course of a year, Anchor Point Commentary puts hours of professionally produced, customized commentary to work for your firm.