BenefitHub: Employee Incentives from A to Z

September 26th, 2019 · 1 min read

Benefits like top-notch health insurance, dynamic retirement savings — maybe even flex time, tuition reimbursements and daycare vouchers — are, or soon will be, standard tools for keeping your staff happy, in-place, and laser-focused on your clients.

So why not bring a whole cavalcade of smaller employee benefits to bear with BenefitHub

With more than 10,000 brands, 200,000 offers, and 1,000,000 products, your colleagues are bound to find ways to save between 8% and 60% on everything from clothing and phone plans to vacations and car insurance. Brands featured in BenefitHub’s 300,000-strong network of vendors include AllState, Verizon, Apple, Costco, Disney World, 24 Hour Fitness, American Airlines and Ford.

Access to BenefitHub comes at no cost to your company. It’s simple to set up, it puts all your engagement benefits in one place — and it lets you choose what benefits you want on offer to employees.

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