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BizEquity: Business Valuations for You, and for Your Clients

November 19th, 2019 · 1 min read

A staggering 98% of business owners don’t know what their most valuable asset — their business — is really worth. How can you ensure adequate funding, or understand how your business could impact your succession plans and retirement needs if you’re simply making guesses about what that business might fetch in a sale? How can you seek advice from business consultants on how to improve, expand or sell your business if you don’t know its value in the marketplace?

More, as a financial advisor catering to entrepreneurs, access to BizEquity elevates your counsel to new levels. Imagine the power of leveraging an online business-valuation algorithm on your clients’ behalf, both as a business service and a means of delivering more inclusive advice on a broader swath of your clients’ holdings.

BizEquity, which interfaces with Orion and Envestnet dashboards, covers more than 900 industries, making it easy to compare your business, or your client’s business, to relevant peers. Further, in addition to creating a business-valuation report across 12 key performance indicators, BizEquity simultaneously generates an insurance-value report for each enterprise. In addition, Chalice members get a $100 a month off on BizEquity’s $299 a month subscription price.

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