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Eye On: “Everyday Savings” as an Employee Benefit

January 8th, 2020 · 3 min read

Mention benefits and people tend to think of health insurance and 401(k)s. Can you help me understand how BenefitHub’s program works to retain and incentivize employees in comparison to more traditional incentives?

Most employee-benefit programs only get engagement around open enrollment. BenefitHub is different because we believe employees should feel like they’re benefitingevery day. So why not offer them benefits that help them with their everyday lives?

How does it work?

With BenefitHub, your employees can access their benefits portal anytime and anywhere. Whether they are at home, traveling or in the office, they can enjoy an engaging shopping experience on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Save on just about anything! From booking a vacation to protecting their family and property with insurance, your BenefitHub will become an integral part of their daily life.

How would you summarize BenefitHub's value proposition?

Real savings. Every day. All the brands you love.

What brands in particular?

The list is too long. We have more than 10,000 brands, 200,000 offers, 300,000 individual vendors, and something like a million products and services. But the range is amazing, and — yes, definitely — they’re household names. We’re talking about brandslike AllState, Verizon, Apple, Costco, Disney, 24-Hour Fitness, American Airlines and Ford. It really covers the spectrum.

Are competitors included?

Oh, for sure. I mentioned Verizon, and we also offer deals through AT&T and Sprint, justas an example. We like to say our discount marketplace has something for everyone, with employees finding incredible savings like up to 60% off hotels, 39% off movie tickets, 60% off apparel. Again, just examples. We cover a lot of territory from auto, home and pet insurance to financial wellness, health and fitness, ID protection, and legal services. It’s a long list.

OK, so how does BenefitHub bring discounts to employees of participating companies?

We partner with thousands of national brands in over 20 categories and 110 subcategories, to provide employees amazing deals on what they want, when they wantit. And more than 70% of the discounts provide cash back, which is a big engagement booster. It’s all tracked in our online portal and redeemable at any time, cash back is a big engagement booster.

What’s the advantage to employers of using BenefitHub? Does it cost anything toget a company enrolled?

Employers love BenefitHub. It’s easy to set up, easy to manage, and easy to use — so it’s an easy way to enhance a company’s benefits package for its employees. Employers provide their employees access to our benefits portal, and they can choose from a full suite of benefits their employees will love. And they really do love it, with 72%of employees participating and 34%, logging back in at least once a month, which is considered high utilization.

Whether you want to integrate your current core benefits with BenefitHub or keep them separate, our platform is flexible enough to accommodate companies of all sizes. And it’s free to use, for employer and employee alike.

Paid members of Chalice have access to BenefitHub and all its “everyday savings” rightnow. This is just one of the many benefits we pass onto our members.

Check it out!