FA Client Machine: Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

March 13th, 2020 · 1 min read

FA Client Machine: Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

What’s the most effective means of communication available today? It’s video — the only format that simultaneously combines visual, audial and textual elements to turbo-charge your messaging. FA Client Machine provides a fast and user-friendly way for financial advisors to get word out about their services in unique and impactful ways using videos.

It’s often left out of site rankings, but the most popular social-media platform in America isn’t in fact Facebook, it’s YouTube, and by quite a bit. That’s a stunning testament, both to the power of video in this day and age and to FA Client Machine’s core proposition: educational and entertaining videos will help you stand out from your competition.

FA Client Machine is also perfect for sophisticated advisors with a clearly identified but otherwise hard-to-reach niche because it enables both customized and turnkey messaging. It’s also great for firms looking for a “personality makeover” to help the firm appeal to younger prospects and existing clients. Advisors  who use FA Client Machine are raving about it. “Just one of these videos has helped us generate approximately $250,000 in  revenue,” reports Daniel Sowa of Sowa Financial Group in Lincoln, R.I. And Donald Turnbull of Worldsource Financial Management in Toronto, Canada, says FA Client Machine helped push his messaging “up the ladder on Google” for optimal search results.

Chalice members enjoy 20% off FA Client Machine’s monthly fees, as well as a free 30-minute digital-marketing strategy session, and a custom YouTube page complete with a header professionally branded to your firm’s specifications.

With FA Client Machine, you’ll be making complicated financial concepts understandable and fun — and raising your firm’s profile — with videos engineered to please clients and prospects alike.