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NRS Compliance: Welcome Relief from Regulatory Pressure

September 26th, 2019 · 1 min read

Compliance is about as much fun as a toothache. And yet it’s vital. Having compliance covered means you can get on with business absolutely secure in the knowledge you’re right with your clients, right with your partners and right with the SEC and/or Finra.

That’s a big deal in an era of regulatory uncertainty and rapid change.

Compliance may in fact have been a main reason you joined Chalice. So you know Chalice membership gives you discount-price access to NRS, a compliance outsourcer with deep experience helping new and established RIAs of all sizes and kinds as well as broker-dealers.

NRS provides broad-based, time-saving support to chief compliance officers — who at small to midsize firms tend to wear many hats. Firms get a dedicated NRS consultant (with on average 11 years of industry experience) who learns the ins and outs of your business and its compliance needs in detail to things as they should be handled. You can also call on immediate support from NRS’s deep bench of subject-matter experts.

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