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Orion: The Back Office You Need, Now

November 19th, 2019 · 1 min read

Maybe you love to spend your days doing all sorts of finicky back-office stuff, but chances are you don’t.

Instead, you likely prefer growing your business and working with your clients, though maybe not in that order. Either way, you need billing, reporting, and records backup for compliance, as well as functionality around trading and rebalancing — and obviously you need to know that reports and updates that land in your clients’ hands reflect well on your firm and your professionalism.

And so...Orion, right?

Right, because Orion Advisor Services exists for one reason: to set independent financial advisors up with single-view, end-to-end tech to help them work more efficiently in fully scalable environment. Orion also helps FAs gauge the efficiency of their practices, in absolute terms over time and against pre-set growth goals, which Orion tracks for you, step by step. The ability to improve your firm’s day-to-day efficiencies and monitor its longer-term progress to better operating margins adds up to an opportunity to improve your firm’s overall enterprise value — which is, as they say, what this is all about, isn’t it?

Advisor and long-time Orion client Troy Daum — who spoke in a previous edition of this newsletter about the great healthcare he got from Chalice partner Oasis — says he saved about $10,000 a year on his subscription to Orion as a result of signing on through Chalice, which in turn “made a huge impact on our bottom line,” said Daum, who runs Wealth Analytics in San Diego.

Here’s more on Orion’s offering to Chalice members.