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ProSites: The World Judges You by Your Website

January 8th, 2020 · 1 min read

As a main driver of first impressions, your firm’s website is the cornerstone of its marketing. You can get a jump on establishing trust, building rapport, and showcasing your expertise with ProSites.

ProSites provides a complimentary website ($6,000 value) with 40% off monthly service charges for Chalice members to help you set favorable and lasting first impressions, and establish trust with clients, prospects and peers. With ProSites, you can add must-have marketing features to your website, like your logo and a content library for engaging and educating visitors, customizable to your firm’s needs.

ProSites websites are always compatible with all web formats, HTTPS secure, and feature a file-exchange system for the safety and security of of sender and receiver alike.

As added ProSites services, you can add social-media management, search-engine optimization, even Facebook adds — all at discounts to Chalice members.

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