Chalice Networks Adds Comprehensive Career Center through Web Scribble

October 2nd, 2020 · 2 min read

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Chalice Networks Adds Comprehensive Career Center through Web Scribble


Chalice Network announced a new partnership with Web Scribble, the leading provider of career center technology for professional and trade associations. This partnership brings innovation to the unique world of financial planning and advising. Financial advisors and entrepreneurs utilize Chalice Careers to attract, acquire and engage new talent.

“If you are looking to work with a team who will help your firm succeed, understand your obstacles, and are eager to solve complex challenges, look no further than Chalice Careers,” says Melea Guilbault, EVP & COO at Chalice Network.

Web Scribble creates a powerful job board to help grow organizations, generate more revenue, provide better member experiences, and drive site traffic. With Web Scribble’s sophisticated job board, Chalice Careers is able to provide job seekers and members with an easy to use career center.

The benefits of this new partnership include.

Intuitive search and job matching Instant email alerts to engage members Screen and manage applicants Easily post, manage, and fill open jobs “We here at Chalice recognize that Human Capital is equally important, if not more so, than Financial Capital to any successful business or organization. Web Scribble enables our members to identify and attract the best talent necessary to achieve the stated goals and objectives,” says Keith Gregg, Founder, CEO of Chalice Network.

About Chalice Network™ - Chalice is a Digital Marketplace PaaS (Platform as a Service) with a community of 53,000+ SMBs consisting of Financial Advisors, RIAs, IBDs, CPAs, Insurance Agents, Attorneys, and Allied Financial Services Professionals.

Chalice was purposely built to give SMBs economies of scale, operational efficiency and enhanced enterprise value through the largest digital community and SSO technology platform they own and operate.

About Web Scribble - Used by thousands of businesses and associations, Web Scribble's job board platform helps companies run a success career center. Features include job posting, job search, resume posting, resume search, integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, video, mobile interface, and much more.

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