Plan Confidence Partners with Chalice Network to Help Advisors Get Paid on Held Away 401k Accounts

February 16th, 2021 · 2 min read

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Chalice Network is proud to announce a new partnership with Plan Confidence Corporation. This partnership will fill a much-needed void for all of the independent financial advisers inside the network. Never has the independent adviser had the ability to offer their unique advice/trading to their clients investing in their “held away” 401k plans, through a FinTech solution that is fully compliant with ERISA rules, and charge a fee for this service.

“We are very excited to be working with the Chalice Network and love their passion to serve the independent financial adviser, just as we do. My last business trip was to their annual conference BooST in San Diego, right before COVID-19 hit, and I met so many quality people. I knew we needed to be a part of their network.” – Kevin T Clark, RF™ CEO & Co-Founder, Plan Confidence Corp.

Plan Confidence Corporation has created the only FinTech that allows any independent financial adviser the ability to offer non-discretionary advice/trading to their “held away” 401k accounts, while remaining fully compliant with ERISA Rules and charge an advisory fee for the service. For the first time, an adviser can advise/manage all of their clients’ assets through a turnkey and easy to use FinTech solution and create a new revenue stream on “held away” assets.

“We are thrilled to be a partner with Kevin Clark and Plan Confidence; he truly gets it! Not only does he brilliantly execute on helping Advisors manage client held away assets, but clearly sees the opportunity for another way for advisors to generate a new revenue source and move into the future with retainer-based compensation,” says Keith Gregg, Founder and CEO of Chalice Network.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Advisers can easily provide ERISA compliant non-discretionary advice/management to assets that have always been beyond their current fintech
  • The fintech is easy to use for the adviser and their clients, allowing an adviser the ability to save time, money and resources, while scaling a new compliant service for their clients
  • The ability for the financial adviser to create a new service for their clients and a new revenue stream for their firm is a win-win

Plan Confidence Corporation is a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Sarasota, FL. Plan Confidence Corp has created the only fintech that allows an adviser to program their software with their unique advice and offer their clients non-discretionary advice and/or management for any “held away” account. Plan Confidence’s vision is, “To be the premiere firm providing advice and management to any 401k participant; through an adviser of their choosing!”

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Learn more about the partnership offering with Plan Confidence inside of Chalice Digital Marketplace.

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