LifeYield: Investment-Portfolio Optimization

March 13th, 2020 · 1 min read

Many clients don’t understand the extent to which taxes can erode retirement-portfolio returns. This is especially true for investors with assets held in a jumble of taxable and tax-advantaged accounts, sometimes in the names of different members of the same household, even when — as might be the case for spouses — their retirement dates and goals coincide.

To remedy this problem, LifeYield puts financial advisors in a position to reveal and identify the best investment vehicles for all of your clients’ assets — included as a curated component of your overall wealth-management service suite.

With LifeYield, you can generate a “Taxficient Score” for every client and, with a single number, convey the true value of a tax-smart portfolio by quantifying the advantage of using LifeYield in actual dollars and cents.

In a true win-win, LifeYield positions you to recommend dynamic asset-location strategies to help your clients live more richly retirements — and demonstrating your ongoing value to them. Put simply, LifeYield enables you to quantify your value to clients. Among other advantages of LifeYield are: - Enabling more holistic advice - Bringing “held away” assets to your firm - Providing a point of genuine differentiation to win new business - Coordinating distributions across multiple accounts - Enhancing Social Security filing strategies Because LifeYield is a partner of Chalice Network, Chalice members enjoy a 15% discount on retail pricing along with dedicated onboarding and coaching services.