Chalice Named Top 10 Most Trustworthy Companies 2020

July 8th, 2020 · 3 min read

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Chalice Network: Access to Best-in-Class Wealth Management Products and Services

Chalice Network was created by industry veterans who understand the needs of today’s independent business owner. “Chalice Network is a community of over 55,000 members comprised of independent Financial Advisors, CPAs, insurance agents, and other financial professionals. The members associated with the organization enjoy access to exceptional benefits and solutions via their digital marketplace, all designed to help them run, grow, and protect their business,” said Keith Gregg, CEO of Chalice Network. The organization is committed to elevating member values every step of the way and reinventing independence for thousands of business owners nationwide.

Chalice finds top notch products and services and delivers them to members with white glove-service

Chalice Network firmly believes trust is gained through transparency and acts upon that principle. The organization’s goals and intentions are to provide the small to mid-sized business (SMBs) members with economies of scale, operational efficiency, and enhanced enterprise value rarely achieved on their own. Chalice delivers this promise by providing the best discount pricing on essential products and services to its members. Chalice Network not only delivers exclusive discounts and savings to the members but also returns hours of time back to clients with one-stop-shop access and SSO FinTech capabilities.

CHALICE NETWORK aims to become a global company and has expansion plans for 2021 in both Canada and Europe.

“Having spent more than three decades in the Financial Services industry, I have watched trends progress towards the liberation of the employee to entrepreneur due to advancing technology and personal experience. I wanted to create the go-to web-based membership platform that aggregates and integrates everything SMBs need to run their business. The name Chalice represents the Holy Grail for SMBs,” added Keith Gregg, CEO of Chalice Network. The company focuses on supporting small to medium-sized independent businesses by offering highly favorable prices for exclusive access to services and enterprise-quality goods.

There are many decisions around products, services, technology, and tools a business owner needs to consider. Most of the members associated with Chalice have a great deal of experience as an employee but little experience as business owners and operators. Until Chalice came into the picture, there were little options for guidance and support around choosing solutions to utilize.

Not only does Chalice have industry expertise, but the organization thoroughly vets every vendor, supplier, and product provider. Some of the services and products provided include CRM, website designers, marketing, finance and accounting packages, HR, IT, payroll, and affordable group health insurance. Chalice Network negotiates the best possible prices and secures service legal agreements on behalf of its members.

Often times, too many decisions result in indecision, and wrong choices can cost both time and money to the SMBs. Chalice finds top-notch products and services and delivers them to members with white glove-service.

As the digital age progresses, a significant advancement comes in speed and productivity thanks to Application Programming Interface (API) connectivity. If organizations are API connected to Chalice Network’s SSO platform, processing becomes a breeze within the Chalice Advisor Exchange as everything needed populates. Chalice Network is leveraging the power of digital communities and marketplaces where “the strength of WE empowers a network of ME.”

Almost all industries have dedicated trade associations. CPAs have the AICPA, attorneys have the ABA, realtors have the National Association of Realtors. However, the Financial Service professionals who are independent SMBs have yet to implement a trade organization designed specifically for peer to peer networking and delivering SMB solutions. This problem sparked the creation of Chalice Network. Chalice provides their members with three innovative components, the Chalice Community which serves as a platform for peer to peer networking and intellectual capital, the Chalice Advisor Exchange which is a digital marketplace with business solutions, technology, and tools for business optimization, and Chalice Succession Link, an M&A marketplace for Financial Service professionals to develop inorganic growth.

Chalice will continue to augment and update top offerings within the Advisor Exchange and will be launching Chalice 2.0 come Fall 2020. Chalice 2.0 will bring more API capabilities, saving calculators, in addition to payment and billing systems. Shortly after the release of Chalice 2.0 will come Chalice Pay and Chalice VIP, a billing and retainer-based compensation system. Chalice Network aims to become a global company and has expansion plans for 2021 in both Canada and Europe.

Chalice Network Adds Powerful Twenty Over Ten Website Platform for Financial Advisors to Digital Marketplace