Chalice Network: Access to Best-in-Class Wealth Management Products and Services

July 16th, 2020 · 1 min read

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Chalice Network: Access to Best-in-Class Wealth Management Products and Services

CEO Views have identified Chalice Network, a technology solution provider, as one of the Trustworthy Companies of the year 2020. The list highlights some of the industry’s most trusted organizations offering the best in class services in the technology landscape.

“It’s a great honor to announce Chalice Network as one of the Trustworthy Companies of the year 2020,” said Ben Johnson, Managing Editor of CEO Views.

Chalice Network firmly believes trust is gained through transparency and acts upon that principle. The organization's goals and intentions are to provide the small to mid-sized business (SMBs) members with economies of scale, operational efficiency, and enhanced enterprise value rarely achieved on their own. Chalice delivers this promise by providing the best discount pricing on essential products and services to its members. Chalice Network is committed to bringing value to members in every step of the way and reinventing independence for thousands of business owners nationwide.

“We said from the outset that Chalice aims to be the best, most trusted and admired financial technology partner to the SMB financial services professionals; this honor is a testament to the level of commitment by the members of the Chalice team and community we are building together,” says Keith Gregg, Founder and CEO of Chalice Network.

About Chalice Network Chalice Network is a community of over 55,000 members comprised of independent Financial Advisors, CPAs, Insurance Agents, and other financial professionals. The members of the organization enjoy access to exceptional benefits and solutions via the digital marketplace—all designed to help them run, grow and protect their business. Members may also access the Chalice Community where they can network, connect, and learn from like-minded entrepreneurs.

About CEO Views Published from Farmington Hills, Michigan, CEO Views is a print and digital magazine that aims towards providing the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to connect with the industry peers while exploring and understanding innovations that are changing the technology landscape of today and moving towards a newer world.

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