1-800Accountant Partners with Chalice Network to Support Small Businesses in Every Way Possible

1-800Accountant Partners with Chalice Network to Support Small Businesses in Every Way Possible

September 9th, 2021 · 3 min read

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 1-800Accountant, the nation's leading and largest virtual provider of accounting services for small businesses owners, is partnering with Chalice Network to lighten the load of HR and tax management for small business entrepreneurs.

1-800Accountant is offering Chalice Network members a free Tax Savings Analysis with an experienced small business tax expert who will help prevent entrepreneurs from being taxed twice and save thousands through entity classification, election and restructuring. One consultation with a talented CPA can take the guesswork out of starting a business and the fear out of submitting documents to the IRS. Business owners can walk away from the Tax Savings Analysis feeling confident about filing deadlines and compliance requirements, as well as deductions and tax strategies that will help save them money. In fact, 1-800Accountant will tell small business owners exactly how much they can save during their free tax consultation.

As an added benefit, 1-800Accountant is offering their customers access to its secure online portal for the first 30 days. The portal makes it so easy for business owners to securely submit receipts, record transactions, and categorize expenses—all from the convenience of their mobile device.

The partnership also benefits 1-800Accountant's customers, who for the first time will be able to receive discounted health insurance from Chalice Network. Through its unique and exclusive partnership with the second largest PEO, Oasis®, a Paychex Company, Chalice Network brings small business owners all of the benefits large corporations can attain, and at the same rates. For business owners whose companies are too small to qualify for group health insurance plans, this is a gamechanger.

"We are very proud to have the opportunity to partner with the preeminent tax and accounting professionals' firm in the country; we appreciate their vision and passion for providing even greater value beyond the tax advice and guidance they offer their clients every day," said Keith Gregg, CEO of Chalice Network. "Chalice is committed to providing small business owners nationwide access to group health insurance, discounts and savings, and M&A support to 1-800Accountant and their customers."

"We're dedicated to providing our customers with resources that will help them reach their business goals. We believe that Chalice Network shares this value, and we are excited to partner with their talented health insurance professionals," said Brendon Pack, CRO of 1-800Accountant. "It's important for small businesses to have professional support as they're getting started and growing. Whether that's an accounting professional who can help them save on taxes, or a health insurance professional ensuring they can get quality healthcare; we are relentless in our pursuit to meet our customers' business needs."

Business owners and entrepreneurs don't have to sacrifice the healthcare they need to attain the lifestyle that they want. The Chalice Network and 1-800Accountant partnership offers small business entrepreneurs a chance to shift their focus away from finances so they can concentrate on cultivating their passion.

About 1-800Accountant 1-800Accountant combines the power and convenience of technology with proactive planning and advice from a team of experienced accounting professionals. Our trusted advisor model is delivered using innovative mobile and desktop technology and an unmatched accounting infrastructure with experience in all 50 states and every industry. We provide small business owners the tools, solutions, and support they need to manage and grow their business while saving time and eliminating anxiety. Learn more at 1800accountant.com/about.

About Chalice Network Chalice Network is a Digital Marketplace PaaS (Platform as a Service) with a community of 60,000+ SMBs consisting of Financial Advisors, RIAs, IBDs, CPAs, Insurance Agents, Attorneys and Allied Financial Services Professionals.

Chalice was purposely built to give small business owners economies of scale, operational efficiency and enhanced enterprise value through the largest digital community and SSO technology platform they own and operate. Each partner has been thoroughly vetted, so members can be confident they're getting the best products and services available. For more information, visit www.chalicenetwork.com.

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